The Professionals at Five Star Global Security are keenly aware of the threats corporate executives, high net worth individuals and their families face on a daily basis.  We are very aware that you cannot focus on the task at hand if you are concerned with your safety and security.  Let us assess the operational environment you will be traveling to, along with the parameters of your trip.  This information, coupled with your comfort level utilizing security detail, will help us pair you with a partner agency that specializes in providing world class Executive Protection.  We will work with the partner agency to conduct detailed planning of every facet of your trip and ensure that they are more than prepared to mitigate all associated risk.  We will ensure the members assigned to your security detail are well versed in the local customs and culture, and assigned drivers are exceptionally knowledgeable of the local areas and are highly skilled in defensive driving tactics.  Finally, we will assure the partner agency provides a team member who is trained in medical trauma management, preferably someone who is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

The safety and security of you and your family is our number one priority.  Your peace of mind is directly related to your effectiveness and efficiency.  Let us pair you with a partner agency who will safeguard your protection and security and focus on your wellbeing, allowing you to concentrate on what makes you successful.